Boarding for your cat

'Single' boarding cages are 2'x2'x2.5' and are perfect for cats that aren't as active as they once were. We have a plastic cube in each cage that allows for kitty to have some vertical space and the bottom acts as a safe place to hide if kitty is feeling a bit nervous. This cage only has enough space for one kitty in it. The 'single boarding' ward is hand painted in an outer space theme.

The 'Double' cages are a nice option for a laid back kitty who needs a bit more room than the smaller single sized cage. The double cages are big enough to fit two cats together, if they get along well and aren't extremely active. The 'double' cages measure 2'x2'x5' and also have a plastic cube in them to provide a hiding space as well as a little vertical space. The 'double boarding' ward is hand painted in an underwater theme. 

For those kitties that require a little more space and enjoy a cat tree to climb and relax on, we have our 'cottages'. These are individual rooms with a tile floor, glass door to look out into the clinic, and a cat tree in the room! These are the most popular choices and do book up quickly. These rooms range in size, and are assigned based on how many cats a family is boarding with us. There are five 'cottages' each handed painted in a unique theme. The prices vary depending how many cats you bring to share a room. 

There are additional fees for any medications that need to be administered while your cat stays with us. You must provide the medications and instructions for administration.

We ask that you bring your cat's food with you, unless it is eating a veterinary prescribed diet. **THERE IS A DISCOUNT PER DAY FOR BRINGING THE CAT'S OWN FOOD**

We also offer optional time out of the boarding cage at an additional fee.