Cat Memorials

To Our Old Friends That We Loved and Lost

On behalf of the staff at The Cat Doctor, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved feline friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our Facebook at Cat Doctor Milwaukee.

  • Simon
    Simon came to us because of a behavior problem and a weight issue. The behavior was fixed, and he became a story of hope for all kitties looking to lose significant weight! His bright blue, crossed eyes and loud meow often delighted clients that would spot him sprawled out on our reception desk. He always brightened our days with his peculiar way of napping on his back and unique meow. He is missed greatly by everyone who knew him.
  • Shawn
    Shawn came to us when he became diabetic, and his elderly owner was unable to handle the daily insulin injections. He was our official blood donor and was always the best behaved cat when it came to demonstrating at home care to owners. We will always miss the way he loudly begged for food, and how tight his 'Shawn Huggies' were when he was picked up for snuggles.
  • Katya: January 1998- April 2013
    Katya had been at the Cat Doctor for 11 years; she was sick and the owners couldn’t afford to treat her so she was signed over to the clinic. We lovingly thought of her as “the grumpy old lady”. She preferred us to call her “Her Majesty”. She is missed every day.
  • Claude: August 2005- December 2009
    Claude was another cat signed over to the clinic for an unresolved medical condition. He took his job as the official greeter seriously- as indicted by his tie. In his spare time, Claude liked to steal food from the kitties that are up for adoption. He is missed every day.
  • Jinx: retired to a furrever home with a client
    Jinx was found as a stray and was initially taken to a no kill shelter to find a home, but after a few months of no interest he came to live at the clinic. He was very shy and unwilling to interact with the staff. After months of one on one time, with a very dedicated volunteer, Jinx began to feel safe and more comfortable in his new home at the clinic. When we were undergoing construction at one point, he became very stressed and was temporarily placed with a client for his well being. He made himself so at home that he decided he's not coming back! We miss Jinx lots but know he's happy, and we still see him frequently for all his veterinary care.